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Confirmation Stole Decorating Ideas
There are numerous ways students can decorate their stoles.  The color of the stole that you are using,
determines  the techniques which can be used.   Students can  put their names, baptismal date,
confirmation date, bible verses,  symbols of the church, or motifs that show one's particular interest.
Clip art can be obtained from a number of books and computer programs, pictures can found in coloring
books, and Sunday School materials.   Included are online links for information on using various products,
book names, and sources for purchasing these products.   If anyone has an idea or a source for products
that you would like to share please e-mail it to me, and your idea will be added to this page.
Clip Art: Augsburg Fortress Publishers, publisher for the ELCA Lutheran Church, carries a number of books or CD's which contain clip art.  Symbols and Terms of the Church #o806625228, Icon # 0806640774
Concordia Publishing House, publisher for The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, website is:
The publisher for Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Church is available through:  Look for the link to the book store.
Rainbow Publishers publishes Christian activity books which can be used for Sunday School  classes, or for designs that can be appliquéd or painted on your stoles.    You can purchase these books at your local Christian book  store or online at:  
Additional designs can be found on religious clip art computer programs, story books, coloring books, and free religious clipart on line.
How to Transfer Designs:  Using a copy machine or computer designs can be reduced or enlarged in size.  Print the design unto 24# paper, cut it out, and trace on fabric,  felt, or directly onto your stole.  I found a fine tip ball point pens makes a narrow line which is easier to cover.
Another method is to trace your design onto tracing paper using a transfer pencil.  Keep the tip of your transfer pencil very sharp to keep your lines thin.  Turn your design upside down unto your fabric, using a hot-dry-iron hold the iron on one spot for about 30 seconds, continue in this manner until your entire design is transferred.  
Appliqué:  Designs can be cut our of felt and/or fabric and appliquéd to the stole.  Designs can be applied with the use of a paper backed fusible web such as: Pellon Wonder Under and Heat'n Bond.   Heat'n Bond come in two weights, orginal and  lite, use the light weight when sewing by hand or machine.  The Heat'n Bond orginal will gum up a sewing machine needle, causing thread breakage.  When using paper back fusible,  watch what direction you trace the design on the paper, so your designs do not come out backwards.
Crayons:  Yes, ordinary Crayola crayons can be used.  Color directly unto fabric, being careful not to leave any little bits on crayon loose on the fabric.  Cover with an old piece of fabric, heat set with an iron for approximately 30 - 45 seconds.  If the color is not dark enough repeat the process.  For an additional emphasis, hand embroider using a outline stitch around the edge of the design.  Fabric crayons can also be used, but offer fewer colors. 
Permanent Markers:  My first choice for markers is the Sakura Identi-Pen.  The Identi-Pen is available in various colors and different size points.  It can be purchased from  The permanent marker can be used to write bible verses or fill in designs.  The Sharpie Permanent Marker can also be used, because it tends to run a little.  Make sure one color dries before using another color.
Fabric Painting:  For most fabric paint it is recommended that the item be washed before painting.  That is not necessary with the stoles since they will not be laundered. 
Fabric & Textile Paints:  Delta &  DecoArt  have fabric and textile paints .  For more information on the various fabric dyes and paints you can check out their web sites.   A source to purchase paints online is:
 Shiva Artist's Paintstik which is an oil based paint that can also be used on fabrics.  An online source to purchase is:
Tutorials for various needle work (hand & ribbon embroidery, crochet, tatting, & more)
are available at :  
Crochet:  Hand crocheted designs can be used,  for example a small cross, a butterfly, a flower, or other religious symbol
Counted Cross Stitch & Ribbon Embroidery:
Counted cross stitch can be done with the use of Waste Canvas.  Ther are numerous books out which can be used - I suggest looking at your local craft store or looking on line.
Hand Embroidered Designs:  Hand  embroidered designs can made on felt.
Hardanger:  Beautiful Crosses and Angles Can be made from hardanger embroidery.  Patterns and supplies can be purchased from Nordic Needle, Inc. or at 800-433-4321.  Hardanger fabric Red (#1008-954) and White (1008-001)   Cross Patterns - Item #'s: 1115, 1005, 0979A, 0969A    Angels #'s 100-504-0003, 100-504-0004,  100-504-0009.
Iron On Transfers:  One can make their own transfers using purchased clip art, or making your own design in a paint program.  Print these designs on Textile Transfer Paper which you purchase either for a laser or ink-jet printer.  Simply iron your designs or letters on your stoles.