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Undecorated Clergy/Priest Stoles

Straight Stoles  4.5 inches wide,
available in 90, 100, and 110 inches in lengths.

The Plain Clergy Stole is being used
by Priests, Ministers, Pastors,
 Prayer Groups, and more.

 This stole is being made available
 for clergy & prayer groups because
of the number of requests I have
received for reasonably priced 
plain  stoles for individuals to 
decorate to their own needs.
Features single-piece 
construction, come undecorated, 
can be used plain or add names, 
letters, crosses, little hand prints,
fringe, and much more.
Smooth poly/cotton fabric, is great
painted with various fabric paints,
fabric dyes, textile inks, and/or
colored pencils designed for fabric,
 written on with permanent
marker, add embroidered designs,
or fabric cut-outs.

Colors Available:
(Sorry! Green fabric used for this
stole is no longer available - Please
see Green Stole with Interlining! )
White stoles used for Christmas, Easter Sunday, Weddings, or Baptisms.
Ivory and Gold may be used in place of white stoles
Red Stoles for Pentecost
Blue Stoles for Advent
Purple Stoles for Lent and Advent
Green stoles used for the common times after Pentecost
Black sometimes used for funerals and Good Friday
If you are in need black please contact me!
Please check with your organization for their requirements!
To Purchase to go to:
Etsy Store or eBay Store
Stole Pricing

90" - $26.00
100" - $28.00
110" - $30.00