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Confirmation Stole Ordering Information
Confirmation Stole Lengths
Stoles are available in 70, 80, inch lengths.  Ordering different lengths for your students
will give your group a uniform appearance.  The 70 inch length is approximately mid-thigh in
length on a 5"2" individual, 80 inch for someone 5'8".  90 inch stoles are are available for
students over 6' 1", they are special order only.  Please contact me for prices.
Some discontinued lengths available on Etsy Store.

Confirmation Stole Colors
Stoles are available in red, white, royal blue, and purple.  If your group is needing
larger numbers the royal blue or purple, please contact me .  If fabric has to be ordered
it takes 2 -3 weeks.
Place your order early
Orders are filled on a first come, first serve basis.  We try to keep red and white fabric in
stock at all times.  When fabric needs to be reordered, a minimum of two to three weeks
is required.  Once your order is received, stoles are made to meet your requirements.
Allow additional time on large orders.
Confirmation Stole Pricing
Prices listed are for the 4 inch width, wider widths require a price quote.  Before entering the
price of the stoles, add the TOTAL  number of stoles you are ordering, then select the
price from the chart below.  Any question on pricing please ask!

$ 17.25
$ 19.25
$ 15.25
$ 17.25
$ 13.25
$ 15.25
11 & Up
$ 10.95
$ 12.95
Shipping & Handling:  Free shipping & handling within the United States, on all prepaid
orders with church checks.  Orders are shipped Priority Mail or UPS Ground.  Most
Priority Mail ships to within  the United States in two to three days.  2- day shipping not
included in free shipping,  contact me for 2-day shipping costs. 
PayPal Payments - are no longer being accepted through my web site.  If
you still wish to use PayPal it is being accepted in my Etsy Store.

How to order:

1.  Download order form
2.  Type form completely
3.  Save to your computer
4.  Print a copy for your records
5.  Attach file to email & to:
6.  Mail a copy of your check and order form to:
     Junice's Tailoring, PO Box 424, Marshall, MN 56258