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Confirmation Stoles
The stole is a symbol of ministry.... As each of us through baptism is called to minister and serve Christ.

Stoles are used by confirmation students when they
are  confirmed and again by high school graduates
at their Baccalaureate services.
Undecorated stoles are 4" wide, and are available in 70 and
80 inch lengths.  Stoles are made from a fine
poly/cotton poplin, come in red, white, royal blue, & purple. 
Additional decorating ideas - click here.

Each student personalizes his/her own stole with their
name,  baptismal date, and confirmation date.  To add an
additional touch, stoles  can be decorated with symbols of the
church, or another  graphic design which  shows a special or
activity in  which the student participates.

Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.  Give students ample
time  to decorate their stoles.