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Clergy Stoles

We offer Clergy/Priest Stoles in different styles, 
lengths, fabrics, and colors.  We will custom 
make any stole to your size requirements 
 and decorate them to meet your needs.
We currently offer : Basic Undecorated Clergy Stoles,
Custom Made Straight Stoles, Wedding Stoles,
Tapered Stoles, Overlay Stoles, and Tippets.
Inquire about that special stole just for you !
The following are some general guidelines to
help you with color selection of Church Vestments:
White used for Christmas, Easter Sunday,
Weddings, or Baptisms.
Ivory and Gold may be used in place of white
Red for Pentecost
Blue Stoles for Advent
Purple for Lent and Advent
Green used for the common times after Pentecost
Black sometimes used for funerals and Good Friday

Stoles can be purchased from any of the following:

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eBay Store:

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