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Burp Cloths

Burp Cloths, the practical helper is made of soft
extremely absorbent cotton flannel.  The cotton flannel cloth
is soft and cuddly next to your  baby's face.  Using
burp  cloths is a real necessity when feeding and burping
your child.  Baby spit up is normal.  Infants have a  muscle that is
not yet developed at the  bottom of their esophagus, which
causes their spitting up.  Burp cloths protect your clothing and
theirs from the little and big burps.  Using a clean, fresh burp cloth
for each feeding keeps your little one clean and healthy.

Great for burping on your lap,
with the burp cloth placed
over your thumb & fore-finger to
support your infant's chin,
while using your other had to
support their back and neck.
Or over the shoulder.
As your infant gets older the
burp cloth can become  a
security blanket which can 
easily changed out to keep a
clean  security blanket.
Large sized burp cloth - keeps baby covered
measuring approximately 18" X 22".
Flannel Burp Cloths come in numerous flannels.  In
solid colors, stripes, checks, pastel & bright color prints that
would  be suitable for either a baby boy or baby girl.

Click here for printed flannels and solid colors from which our burp clothes
can be ordered.  If you want coordinating sets please let us know we will
make certain that the colors will go together.

Burp Cloths also come in sets with matching blankets.

Burp cloths can be purchased in our Etsy Store.